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2017-18 Registration (click me)

Now Open!

Welcome and Registration Information 2017-2018

Please read before registering!

Information for Parents and Players

Hello Hockey Parents and Players,

New This Year for Selling Wreaths

For each wreath/item sold you profit $10. Wreath orders are due at the end of October with checks made payable to FHA.  Once the forms are returned in good order with $, FHA will cut YOU a check for $10 per each item sold (up to your registration cost).  An example of this is if you sell 10 wreaths... FHA will reimburse you $100.  If you want to play for free, sell more wreaths.


  • Q1: What if someone writes a check to FHA for a calendar I sell them?
  • A1: If you get a check made out to Faribault Hockey or FHA for a calendar sale just contact Greg Paine and he will write you out a check from FHA.
  • Q2: Can we pay in installments?
  • A2: Yes, when registering you can setup automatic payments from debit or credit card.  These payments will occur approximately in 4 equal amount: time of registration, Oct 1st, Nov 1st, and Dec 1st.


There is an option to pay offline if you are receiving a scholarship or applying for a scholarship.  Scholarship guidelines and form can be found on the Registration page. 


Sign-up for your DIBs before registration if you are not buying out. A minimum of 10 hours need to be registered otherwise a check will need to be delivered on registration night ($225 for mini-mites/new families or $300 for existing families)…easier to register for DIBs as you have 7 days before event to change if something comes up.  Please remember to use the family older skater name when claiming DIB hours.

If you have questions, please reach-out to any board member.