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  • How much is it for hockey registration?  (see the one page flyers on the FHA Home page website for age specific information and costs) 
  • Are scholarships available?
  • What if my kids are in different levels, same cost?
  • What options do I have to reduce my cost to play hockey?
  • Payment Options

All great questions, please find answers to yours by reviewing the information below!

Hockey Cost Breakdown by Player Level and Family Contribution

Hockey Cost Breakdown by Player Level

Season mid-October to end of February

Level (June 30th cutoff) Level Fee Equipment Rental

Tournament Fees 
 Approx 3 tournaments

USA/MN Hockey Insurance  Family Fundraisers/ Facility Fee: 
$250 - $350 Fundraisers or Buyout
Approximate number of practices or games per week
Girls 8U $150



NA $50(age 6 and under-free)

1 time family fee

- see below

2-3 times
Mites $150 $40 NA $50(age 6 and under-free)

1 time family fee

- see below

2-3 times
1st Time Skater with USA Hockey $150 NA (available for mini-mite or mite skater) $150 $50 (age 6 and under free)

1 time family fee

- see below

See level of hockey player
Girls U10* $430 NA $150 $50

1 time family fee

- see below

3-5 times
Squirts* $430 NA $150 $50

1 time family fee

- see below

3-5 times
PeeWee/U12 (12 years and under)* $515 NA $150 $50

1 time family fee

- see below

4-6 times
Bantam/U15 * $630 NA $150 $50

1 time family fee

- see below

4-6 times

All FHA skaters squirt and above will receive a Falcon Jersey Bag as a part of their registration and Falcon Warm-up gear!!!   Girls U10/Squirts and up warm-up gear consist of warm-up jacket and pants.  Girls U8/Mites warm-up gear is a jacket.

*Goalies (non-skaters) that own their own equipment will only pay $100.  Players that are skater and goalie will pay level cost per defined in table.

Examples of Approx Average monthly cost: (Oct - Feb)

  • There are several payment options available at registration, as well as scholarships available.  Please fill out the Scholarship Application on the registration page and return to a board member.

Each family within association has the following options to reduce your costs:

  • Wreaths (optional): For each wreath/item you sell, YOU will get $10 back up to your registration costs.  Wreath orders are due at the end of October, with checks made payable to FHA.  Once your order forms and $ are returned in good order, FHA will reimburse you $10 per each item sold.  Example:  you sell 10 wreaths, FHA will cut you a check for $100.
  • Calendar (covers family facility fee):
    • 1st time skaters: sell 10 calendars ($20/calendar) or buyout at $200
    • Mites and up: : sell 15 calendars ($20/calendar) or buyout at $300
  • Concession hours: 15 – 20 hours per season
    • 15 hours for 1st year families to USA hockey
    • 20 hours for mites and above
    • Buyout is $15/hour

For hockey players Squirts and up all have a tournament fee (play approx. 3 tournaments a season)

  • Cost: $150 per skater

Equipment Rental (mini-mite/U6 and mite/U8 level)

  • $40 for the YEAR (includes summer hockey)
  • Need to provide a $200 security deposit check at time of rental.  Check will NOT be cashed unless you don’t return equipment at end of the season, or the start of the following season if you participate in a summer program.

Payment Options

  • Single Pay - Credit/Debit Card
  • Payment Plan (4 installments: when registering, Oct., Nov, and Dec.) - Credit/Debit Card
  • Offline payment - for families that receive scholarship or other special circumstances (e.g. U15 who is trying out for high school and U15)

The FHA Board of Directors works hard to keep registration expenses as low as possible, as well as added a new option where YOU can reduce costs through the Wreath Fundraiser (see information above for details).  There is not a minimum requirement or buy-out, as in the past....however you receive the benefit of selling additional wreaths.