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FHA Equipment Turn-in or Exchange 3/28 from 5 - 6:30 PM

FHA Equipment Turn-in or Exchange --- if you still have a jersey please also turn those in

  • Dates: 3/14 or 3/28
  • Time: 5 - 6:30 PM
  • Location: FIA - in equipment room by locker 5 and 6

If you are doing spring/summer hockey the you may keep it as you rented it for the year.  If you need to exchange for a different size please show-up on the designated times.

Any questions please text or call Jeffrey Neher 507-993-8267

Faribault Hockey 2018-2019 Survey

Welcome to The Faribault Hockey Survey

This end of the season survey is anonymous, unless you put your name on it, please be truthful and respectful with your feedback.  We ask that you judge the hockey program, the association, and the board based on this season experience. Our goal as an association is to continue to improve as we hope our hockey players do season after season.

If you have questions or concerns please reach-out to the hockey board at one of the monthly meetings or to a board member.  Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important as this is what guides us the following year for improvements.

Again, please be truthful and respectful with your feedback.


Will be open until April 3rd, 2019

2019 Faribault Summer Hockey Program Information

Faribault Summer Ice Program
Dean Weasler would like to invite you to the Faribault Hockey Summer Program to help you become a better skater. This is a local, non-expensive membership that will teach you Power
Skating, Agility Skating, Speed, Passing, and Shooting techniques. Would love to see you on the ice this summer for a FUN experience.

The schedule is set up for you to attend as many or few of the ice hours as you would like. Coaches will be available for each of the scheduled ice hours to run kids through drills specific to their needs. Kids will be grouped together to work on specific skills. Small area games will be played when enough players are available.
Caution, even though hockey is offered almost every day, I would recommend going only about 2 and maybe 3 times per week. Don’t burn them out of hockey. Association hockey is 5-6 months long during the regular season and we want them there. Enjoy the summer and other activities with them on the other days.

WHO: Any Youth Hockey Player from Mites-Bantam for 2018 – 2019 Season
Note: The Bantams are invited to the HS program therefore they get to choose between the Youth or HS program. If you have questions, please contact Dean.
WHERE: Faribault Ice Arena
CONTACT INFO: Dean Weasler 612-203-3306

Faribault Hockey Summer Program Registration

Faribault Hockey Summer Program

COST: $175 for the first child (unless you register by April 15th then it is $150), $75 for the second player and a max of $300 per family.  Sign-up by April 15th and receive $25 off.

On-line Registration:

PeeWee A - District Champions

PeeWee A - 3rd Place at Regional Tournament

U10 B1 - District Champions

Squirt C - 3rd Place at Faribault District 9 Tournament

2019 Faribault Hockey Association Calendar Raffle Winners

FHA - Girl Power!!!

Girls U8 and U10 practiced with Girls Varsity

FHA Pond Hockey on a Cold Day in MN

School was cancelled but the rink was open!

Over 40 FHA skaters attended a Pond Hockey event at FIA.

Lots of fun for our skaters at all levels!

PeeWee A - 3rd Place at Breezy Point Tournament

Squirt C - Champions at Breezy Point Tournament

Photo compliment of Michael B. Photography

Squirt A - 2nd Place at Albert Lea Tournament

Squirt A 2nd Place Winners

10 Reasons To Try Hockey!

USA Hockey posted the below "10 Reasons To Try Hockey" on their Website.

If you know of a child interested in trying hockey, please contact a member of the Faribault Hockey Association.  We are always looking for more players! 

1. Hockey Builds Confidence

2. Hockey Teaches Kids To Fly

3. Hockey Builds Mental Agility

4. Rinks Are Warmer Than You Think

5. Hockey Teaches Persistence

6. Hockey Is For Everyone

7. Hockey Develops Social Skills

8. Screening The Goalie Is Better Than Screen Time

9. Increased Physical Literacy

10. You Can Play For A Lifetime

2018-2019 Faribault Hockey Registration

Please click the below link to register for the 2018-2019 Faribault Hockey season. 


FHA Coaches Application

FHA Coaches Application is now available for the 2018-2019 season! 

Please click the below link if interested in applying.

2018-19 Tournament Registration

Dibs Opportunities

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