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PeeWee B - 2nd Place At Faribault Arctic Blast Tournament

Thank You!

FHA would like to thank Jessica Stricker for her role in influencing the goalie specific training. Jessica approached the board and emphasized the need for our association goalies to have additional training. The goalie specific training is helping our goalies grow stronger in their position and learn new skills.  Thank You Jessica!!

Girls U12 - 2nd Place At Mankato Meltdown Tournament

Great job U12!!! 2nd Place!!!

Great job U12!!! 2nd Place at Mankato Meltdown!!!

PeeWee B - 2nd Place at Owatonna Tournament

Way to go PeeWee B!  2nd Place at the O'Town Showdown Tournament.

Reminder: DIBS Hours Are Mandatory

We need your help! There are numerous unclaimed DIBS hours for working in the concession stand.  Having the concession stand open for business is important to our association!  It offers convenience to the players and fans so they don't have to leave the arena for food and drink.  Also, when the concession stand is open it generates revenue for our association!

If you have not met your mandatory annual DIBS hours, PLEASE sign up today!!!

Thank You!

Dibs Instructions - Please Read!

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Congratulations PeeWee A

Way to go PeeWee A! Champions at the Burnsville Thanksgiving Classic Tournament. 


Issues receiving FHA email

A few of our parents have contacted board members and/or coaches stating they are not receiving emails from FHA.  If you are experiencing this issue, the recommendation is for you to please email Sports Engine directly at:

Let them know your name, email address (you use to access Sports Engine) and that you are a member of the Faribault Hockey Association.  Also, describe the issue you are experiencing.  Sports Engine will communicate with you directly to resolve the issue.

Thank You!


Please reference the instructions below on how to create a calendar tag to view only your player(s) team calendar.

2019-2020 Hockey Registration

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Faribault Hockey Season!!!

Registration is NOW OPEN!  Please click link below.


  • As part of your registration fee, ALL players Squirts/Girls U10 and UP will receive team warm-up jackets and pants.  Mites/Girls U8 will receive warm-up jackets.  So, your player(s) need to get fitted!  Other apparel items will also be there to try on and for purchase.
  • DIB's check required at beginning of season (see more details below)

Two Registration Nights

  • August 21st (Wed) 5:30 – 7 PM @ Faribault Ice Arena
  • September 10th (Tue) 5:30 - 7:30 PM @ Faribault Ice Arena
  • Faribault Hockey Equipment, Calendars, and Wreath info pickup night
    • Date: 9/10/2019
    • Time: 5:30 – 7:30 PM
    • Location: FIA (Faribault Ice Arena)
    • Calendars maybe delayed

Selling Wreaths

For each wreath/item sold you profit $10. Wreath orders are due at the end of October with checks made payable to FHA.  Once the forms are returned in good order with $, FHA will cut YOU a check for $10 per each item sold (up to your registration cost).  An example of this is if you sell 10 wreaths... FHA will reimburse you $100.  If you want to play for free, sell more wreaths.


FHA is a volunteer organization, many volunteer opportunities exist. FHA has a commitment to cover the concession stand for Community Open Skate and High School Hockey games.  Concession stand profits (approx. $6,000 – $10,000) help offset ice cost for all FHA families. FHA needs volunteers to assist with the concession stand, home tournaments, and various other tasks. Please contact a Board Member if you are interested in volunteering.

All families are required to do Concession/Volunteer Hours. If you have a first-year skater(s) then your family is required to volunteer a minimum of 15 hours in the concession stand, or perform various volunteer projects approved by the BOD’s (Board of Directors), or buy out volunteer time by paying $225.  All other families with skaters are required to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours in the concession stand, or perform various volunteer projects approved by the BOD’s, or buy out of volunteer time by paying $300.

On registration/packet pickup night or when picking up fundraisers, all families are required to submit a DIB’s check. For families with only a 1st year skater please fill-out the check for $225. All other families please submit one for $300.

If you do not fulfill your volunteerism hours, the entire check will be cashed on March 31st. You have until April 15th to submit a written request to FHA’s Treasurer and/or President for the unfulfilled hours at $15 per hour. 

Any uncleared checks will receive an invoice for unfulfilled hours at $15 per hour. Player(s) of this family will not be allowed to participate in future years until the invoice is paid in full.

If we don’t have enough people volunteering for all the concession hours we will be forced to hire.  We have an agreement with the High School and the Community Center of Faribault to have the concession stand open during their activities otherwise they will take this fund raising opportunity away from FHA.

Thank you in advance for participating and being a team member!

2019-2020 Coaches Application Form

Coaches, Parents, and Friends of Hockey,

We are looking for good coaches.  Please encourage people to sign-up.  We especially need coaches at the Mites and Girls U8 level.  If you can skate we can use you on the ice.


2019-20 Tournament Registration

Dibs Opportunities

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10 Reasons To Try Hockey!

USA Hockey posted the below "10 Reasons To Try Hockey" on their Website.

If you know of a child interested in trying hockey, please contact a member of the Faribault Hockey Association.  We are always looking for more players! 

1. Hockey Builds Confidence

2. Hockey Teaches Kids To Fly

3. Hockey Builds Mental Agility

4. Rinks Are Warmer Than You Think

5. Hockey Teaches Persistence

6. Hockey Is For Everyone

7. Hockey Develops Social Skills

8. Screening The Goalie Is Better Than Screen Time

9. Increased Physical Literacy

10. You Can Play For A Lifetime